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  • How to wash hands with hair dye?
    Properly and thoroughly cleaning your hands after using hair dye is essential to prevent staining and skin irritation. Here are some detailed steps and additional tips for effectively washing hands that have come into contact with hair dye: 1. Immediate Rinse: If you notice hair dye on your hands while you're applying it, immedi...
  • The corporate tenet of "not 99%, ensure 100%"
    Zhang Hua adheres to the belief of "quality first, reputation first" and implemented the quality assurance system of "100 million boxes without defects" in 1995. It is the first in the industry to obtain ISO14001 certification, ISO9001 certification, and has passed the ISO 22716 certification of the European Union, the GMPC inte...
  • We are a manufacturer of hair dye
    Zhang Huahua has always been adhering to the corporate purpose of "Don't be ninety-nine, ensure 100%", taking quality as life, leading the development of the industry, forging a hair dye industry with core competitiveness and core value, and adhering to the working style of "meeting must be discussed, discussed must be decided, ...